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Bones throwing

Bones throwing

The most popular and ancient use of Bone throwing is by the african people and the technique is performed by healers called Sagomas, shamans or witch doctors. It consist of throwing bones in a circle and reading them in accordance to their position and meaning. The rules of how to cast bones and how to read them varies from person to person, and the thrown items doesn’t have to be bones either. The number of bones used is also very different for each individual. For the throwing area, a circle is normally chosen but there are many other diagrams that can be used or none at all.

This divination approach has a lot of potential and in the right hands, it can become a very powerful tool.


There is another kind of bone throwing method using multi-sided bone pieces with marking on each sides. Those bones became the dice of today and because of this, divination using dices can also be considered as a bones throwing method. The technique is called Astragalomancy or simply Dice divination.


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